Plantar Interossei (Foot)

Written by Sanya Trikha

Last updated January 31, 2023 • 8 Revisions

The plantar interossei are a group of intrinsic muscles within the foot. They form the deepest layer of plantar muscles and have a unipennate shape.

  • Attachments: Originates from the medial side of metatarsals three to five. Attaches to the medial sides of the phalanges of digits three to five.
  • Actions: Adduction of the lateral three digits and flexion at the metatarsophalangeal joints.
  • Innervation: Lateral plantar nerve.
  • Blood Supply: Lateral plantar artery

    Fig 5
    The fourth layer of the plantar muscles. Note the unipennate shape of the plantar interossei, and the bipennate shape of the dorsal interossei

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