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Anatomical Areas

The Quadrangular Space

...– inferior margin of teres minor. Lateral – surgical neck of the humerus. Medial – long head of triceps brachii. Inferior – superior aspect of teres major. By TeachMeSeries Ltd...


Profunda Femoris (Deep Femoral) Artery

...artery– supplies the head and neck of the femur, muscles of the medial thigh, and overlying subcutaneous tissue and skin. Perforating arteries (x3) – supplies the muscles of the posterior...

The Neck



The Tonsils (Waldeyer’s Ring)

The tonsils are collections of lymphatic tissue located within the pharynx. They collectively form a ringed arrangement, known as Waldeyer’s ring: Pharyngeal tonsil Tubal tonsils (x2) Palatine tonsils (x2) Lingual...

The Head

Nerves of the Head

The Thorax

The Thorax

The Cranial Nerves

The Trigeminal Nerve (CN V)

...palatine nerves (branches of V2) Mandibular Nerve By TeachMeSeries Ltd (2024) Fig 5 Cutaneous innervation to the head and neck. Mandibular nerve gives rise to four terminal branches in the...

The Salivary Glands

The Submandibular Gland

...base of the lingual frenulum bilaterally. By TeachMeSeries Ltd (2024) Fig 1 Submandibular triangle of the neck By TeachMeSeries Ltd (2024) Fig 2 The superficial arm of the submandibular gland....

Nerves of the Head

The Ophthalmic Division of the Trigeminal Nerve (CNV1) the image below: By TeachMeSeries Ltd (2024) Fig 4 Cutaneous innervation to the head and neck. Autonomic Functions The ophthalmic nerve itself does not contain any autonomic fibres. However,...

The Thorax

Bones of the Thorax

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