Tensor Fascia Lata

Written by Oliver Jones

Last updated October 19, 2022 • 3 Revisions •

The tensor fascia lata is a muscle of the gluteal region in the lower limb. It is a small superficial muscle which lies towards the anterior edge of the iliac crest. It functions to tighten the fascia lata, and so abducts and medially rotates the lower limb.

  • Attachments: Originates from the anterior iliac crest, attaching to the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS). It inserts into the iliotibial tract, which itself attaches to the lateral condyle of the tibia.
  • Actions: Abduction and medial rotation of the lower limb.
  • Innervation: Superior gluteal nerve.
  • Blood Supply: Superior gluteal artery.

Fig 1
The tensor fascia lata and iliotibial tract.

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