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The omohyoid muscle is an infrahyoid muscle of the neck. It consists of two muscular bellies which are connected via a muscular tendon.

  • Attachments:
    • Superior belly arises from the hyoid bone and inferior belly arises from the scapula.
    • Two muscle bellies are connected by an intermediate tendon, which is anchored to the clavicle by the deep cervical fascia.
  • Actions: Depresses the hyoid bone.
  • Innervation: Anterior rami of C1-C3, carried by a branch of the ansa cervicalis.
  • Blood Supply: Superior thyroid artery (branch of the external carotid artery) and inferior thyroid artery (branch of the thyrocervical trunk).

Fig 1- Anterior view of the infrahyoid muscles of the neck.

Fig 2
Lateral view of the infrahyoid muscles of the neck.

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