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The Flexor Pulley System of the Hand

The flexor pulley system of the hand is a complex structure that co-ordinates flexion of the digits. It consists of: Long flexor tendons – and their associated synovial sheaths. Annular pulleys – 5 associated with each finger, 2 associated with the thumb. Cruciate pulleys – 3 associated with each finger. Oblique pulley – 1 associated […]

Muscles of the Hand

Muscles acting on the hand can be divided into two groups: extrinsic and intrinsic muscles. The extrinsic muscles are located in the anterior and posterior compartments of the forearm. They control crude movements and produce a forceful grip. The intrinsic muscles of the hand are located within the hand itself. They are responsible for the fine motor […]

Bones of the Hand: Carpals, Metacarpals and Phalanges

The bones of the hand provide support and flexibility to the soft tissues. They can be divided into three categories: Carpal bones (Proximal) – A set of eight irregularly shaped bones. These are located in the wrist area. Metacarpals – There are five metacarpals, each one related to a digit Phalanges (Distal) – The bones […]

The Ulnar Tunnel

The ulnar (cubital) tunnel is a fibro-osseous space located on the posteromedial aspect of the elbow. It transmits the ulnar nerve from the arm into the forearm. In this article, we shall look at the anatomy of the ulnar tunnel – its borders, contents and clinical correlations. Borders The ulnar tunnel is oval shaped with medial […]


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